Big Green

This is my current giant scale project that has been stalled for a while. I bought the kit from Great Hobbies in Ottawa along with a beautiful DA70 twin engine after consulting with Dave Reese. The kit is a Hangar 9 Carden 300 and goes together very well. I sourced some parts from the LHS and also from a great Canadian giant scale suppliers Thunder Bolt R/C. I am ready for the final piece which is the Mejzlik 24×10 propeller and 1.5 years after initial purchase it will be ready to fly in a week or so.

IMG_0708 IMG_0711 IMG_0712 IMG_0707

Welcome to my RC stuff

Most of my friends know me as CJ and I’ve been involved in RC for a very long time. I used to run a community forum at this address for RC aviation in the Ottawa valley but unfortunately it fell out of use. I am instead going to use this site to combine all of my RC related blogs and content into one site. I need to do some housekeeping to merge the other blogs first but the adventure should be underway shortly.